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Search Engine Optimisation for Small Businesses that won't break the bank!

I am a freelance digital marketing specialist from Cork. I work to improve the online presence of entrepreneurs and small businesses in West Cork, Ireland and beyond. I strive to work hard and get great results for my clients.

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Drive Traffic to your Site Using SEO

So you have a website, but it’s not organically ranking for the keywords you’d expect it to? This means you’re inevitably missing out on potential customers and revenue. There are many reasons why this could be happening, including:

  • You’re targeting the wrong keywords.
  • Your website isn’t user friendly or optimised for mobile.
  • Your page speed is slow.
It’s frustrating when you have a beautiful site, but people aren’t seeing it. However, search engine optimisation is a proven, cost effective solution.
Let’s work together to get you the rankings you deserve and get you in front of your dream clients!

Why Invest in SEO?

Did you know that SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic to websites than organic social media? Or that only 0.63% of Google searchers click on results from the second page?

Interestingly enough, it’s not being the #1 result that matters – the top ranking page gets the most traffic only 49% of the time. This means that being on page 1 of the search results can boost your traffic, no matter what position you’re in.

SEO works by targeting people who are actively searching for a product/service that you provide. It is a lot more cost effective and achieves a better ROI than traditional media advertising (newspapers, TV, etc) and even PPC (pay per click) advertising.

While it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to start seeing results, and there are no guarantees, investing in SEO proves to be a beneficial and affordable solution that will continue to provide results in the long term.

How does it work?

So, how does it work? I provide SEO consultancy services for small businesses in West Cork, Ireland and beyond. After discussing your SEO goals, we will undertake an initial site audit to discover which areas need improving on your website.

From there, we will develop an SEO strategy for your business. This could include on page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research, off page SEO, local SEO and content strategy. Each business has different needs, so I will create a monthly package that works to your advantage.

I work to create high quality content and I don’t overcharge for my work. I send monthly reports to my clients so they can see the value of my work. I can’t guarantee number 1 rankings, but guarantee I will do the work that you are paying me to do.

In need of a website refresh? Basic on-page and technical SEO is included in all of my web design packages.


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